Richard ‘Dick’ Simmons

Richard ‘Dick’ Simmons, aka Sergeant Preston of the Yukon

Richard "Dick" Simmons

Richard “Dick” Simmons

Richard ‘Dick’ Simmons was an MGM contract player who had small parts in more than 50 films by the mid-1950s. The handsome, square-jawed actor with the pencil-thin mustache did not become a star until he donned the broad-brimmed hat and red uniform of Canadian Mountie Sergeant Preston. Simmons beat out 40 other actors for the starring role, which called on him to ski, snowshoe, drive a dog team, ride a horse, swim, wrestle, fistfight, paddle a canoe and climb mountains. Although his producers wanted him to use a double, the still-athletic actor refused.

5 thoughts on “Richard ‘Dick’ Simmons

  1. Thank you for this website. I am sure you know of “Sgt. Preston’s Yukon Saloon” which was a feature of the Disneyland Hotel back when it was operated by a company which owned the rights to the name. Perhaps is are photos or postcards or something collectable, still around, which you could add to the website, or just a note about it’s existence. It was removed when the hotel was remodeled, sometime in the 1970’s, I believe. Again, my thanks. Sincerely, Jan

  2. Was delighted to discover this recently on Grit tv. I watched the reruns when I was a child and loved Preston and especially Yukon King. The one thing I always remembered was that he always said to King at the end of each episode this case is closed. I watch two episodes a day. And my husband thinks I’m nuts but I don’t care! It’s a beautiful real living of my childhood times when people were better.

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