King, aka Yukon King, Sergeant Preston’s “Wonder Dog.”

King, Yukon King

King, the Alaskan Malamute who portrayed Yukon King in the Sergeant Preston of the Yukon TV show


On television, Yukon King was played by King, an Alaskan Malamute. Trained by Beverly Allen, King received star billing right after Preston, alongside Rex the horse.

After retirement King went to live with the family of the President of Jack Wrather Productions, who produced the Lassie and Lone Ranger television shows. He lived on the 2 acres of William Carey Graves. King lived to an advanced old age well into the 1960s. King was a very loving, obedient, long discussed pet remembered with much affection.

9 thoughts on “King

  1. I was too young to remember this TV show. My wife and I have been watching the shows of late on FETV on cable. We really like them. I don’t know why the show didn’t last more years on TV. I volunteer walking dogs at an animal shelter and currently they have a beautiful Husky dog I have nicknamed King.

  2. The sight of untouched forests with a clean and beautiful backdrop does a heart good. There wasxa time when untraveled and uncharted territories did exist. This a reminder of those days! And to know that King was taken care of to an old age is another heart touched reality… I appreciate the show even if it may be filmed on a set. Its the meaning and hopefully the impression it may have on young people to preserve our natural resources and the beauty of the far Northwest……J.Nelson

  3. My mother and I love the show, it is our go-to show every night from FETV! We love watching King save the day!!! I wish there was shows like it now.

  4. It is nice to see sgt preston and Yukon king on tv again brings back a lot of good memories for me on you huskies from Jackie Lauzon Woonsocket ri USA

  5. I grew up watching Yukon King on TV. When we settled, 5 Malamutes were nice enough to let us live with them over a 16 year run. Wonderful dogs but we had a good laugh when Wonder Dog Yukon King brought the bad guys to heel. Ours were always on the lookout for snacks and every person was a potential snack moment. Next time you are watching an exciting episode with King wrestling the bad guy to the ground, complete with all the snarling on the sound track, put it on pause. You will notice the “apprehended” has a firm grip on the ruff of King’s neck and King is quietly looking off screen at his trainer wondering how long he has to put up with the jerk holding his neck. When Sgt. Preston comes along to arrest the perp in the name of the Crown, King is released and bounds off screen. Lovers, not fighters. And I cannot remember ever hearing any of our kids bark. They did like to sing like wolves and my boy growled at the Fuji blimp as it flew over but never bark.

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