Incident at Gordon Landing

Sergeant Preston of the Yukon: Season 1, Episode 4 (20 Oct. 1955)

Law-abiding Jim Carver reluctantly offers forgiveness and assistance to his brother Harry, a treacherous ex-convict who is wanted by the Crown for the robbery and murder of an aging trapper.


Low quality mp4.  Click in the black box to play.  Click the lower right corner of the player to go fullscreen.  Right click here and select “save link as” to download the mp4 from the internet archive.   If you have a better quality copy of the Sergeant Preston of the Yukon episode Incident at Gordon Landing, please email me via the contact form.


Dick Simmons
Sgt. Preston (as Richard Simmons)
Yukon King
The Horse
Francis De Sales
Lewis Charles
Donna Jo Gribble
Robert Lynn
John War Eagle
Charlie Bear Paw (as Chief John Eagle)

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