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NOTE: The Sergeant Preston of the Yukon TV show is being broadcast on GRIT TV. Schedule here:

Sergeant Preston of the Yukon TV Show

Mainly filmed at Ashcroft, Colorado, the series was telecast on CBS from September 29, 1955, to September 25, 1958.

In 1955, the same year the radio show ended, Sergeant Preston of the Yukon premiered as a television series. Richard Simmons starred as Sgt. Preston, and was supported by Yukon King and Rex, now played by real animals. The 78 episode series was telecast for three seasons on CBS from September 29, 1955, to September 25, 1958.

The series had only two characters, Preston and King, who appeared in all 78 episodes, with no other single character appearing in more than 20 episodes, and most appearing in less than five.

The half-hour adventure series — which was shot in color at a time when most viewers still had black-and-white televisions — became a popular, snowbound version of the sagebrush sagas that dominated the era’s airwaves.

The show’s exterior shots were filmed at Ashcroft, Colorado, while the interiors were shot on a Hollywood sound stag with crushed rock standing in for snow.

The theme music for both the radio and television series was Emil von Reznicek’s overture to Donna Diana. The show’s episodes ended with the official pronouncement, “Well, King, this case is closed.”

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  1. remember watching Sgt. Preston TV shows, when I was a Kid. Really Liked the shows then and I guess I want to relive some of them in my old age. Thanks

  2. During the winter with snow on the ground, my dog Smokey and I would eat lunch in the “wilds of Canada” in my front lawn in NJ and be Rex and Sgt. Preston of the NW mounted police. Great memories

  3. Just found “Sergeant Preston” on Grit-TV early in the morning. Loved this show as a kid in the 50s. Made me want to become a “Mountie” (which I never did!). Kids TV today had nothing to compare with shows like we enjoyed back then.

  4. Well, the”Grit” network no longer carries Sergeant Preston. Too bad, though I’m sure it will pop up again on one of the “classic TV” networks. Did anybody notice, did Grit broadcast the entire 78-episode run? I only saw about 35 episodes, some of them twice.

  5. Sergeant Preston is currently being shown on FETV(Family Entertainment TV) on DirectTV at 2-3am, Monday – Friday. “King, this case is closed”!

  6. I loved this show as a kid, and as I had a dog and a pony, and lived in the country, I could roam at will thorough the New England version of the Yukon and pretend I worked with Sgt Preston. I’d like to think the show influenced me to be a decent, hard working human being. I’m delighted to watch it again on satellite TV.

  7. My husband & I grew up about 10 miles from each other. We both reminisce about listening to Sergeant Preston on the radio with our families & later watching on tv as children. We are both now 70 years old & have been wed 50 years. We stay up to watch this on Fetv for 1 hr each night from 1-2 am! Great memories!

  8. I wish that Grit would bring this great series back. Sadly, I missed it when it was on. As a kid like most viewers I loved watching Sgt.Preston and King each week. I still eat Quaker Oatmeal every day.!

  9. I don’t remember watching Sgt. Preston when I was a child even though I watched a lot of the others that were on tv around the same time, like Roy Rogers, Superman, etc. So I was happy when I discovered Sgt. Preston earlier this year while channel surfing. It was such a fun and entertaining show — not quite a western and not quite a frontier drama. It was unique unto itself. Richard Simmons who portrayed Sgt. Preston, was surprisingly believable and charismatic. And without exception, he had the biggest most naturally engaging smile of any actor I’ve ever seen. I watch a few Sgt. Preston episodes every week now thanks to YouTube. I really enjoy watching his adventures with Yukon King.

  10. I just watched Sergeant Preston this morning. I hadn’t seen it since I was a kid. And first thing I noticed was it was in color . The last time I watched it was in black and white. We didn’t get a color TV until 1969.

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