Big Inch Land Company

Remember the Big Inch Land Co.?

The Big Inch Land Co. left all other real estate operations in the dust, so to speak, when it sold 21 million — that’s right, 21 million — parcels of Yukon Territory land in the spring of 1955. Of course, each one of those parcels was only one inch square, but still…

Klondike Big Inch Land Deed

Klondike Big Inch Land Deed – Front

Klondike Big Inch Land Deed - Rear

Klondike Big Inch Land Deed – Rear


4 thoughts on “Big Inch Land Company

  1. I have one of these deeds I keep it framed in my den. I checked with the Town of Dawson and they said the total parcel was 19 acres! It was foreclosed on by the town because of an outstanding tax bill of $38.00 that Quaker Oats never paid. The acreage is now part of the Dawson City golf course…lol. Guess my retirement dream of living on a square inch of the Yukon are gone forever!

    • Hi Carol
      I was watching reruns of Sargent Preston and Googled the site with your email comment regarding Big Inch Land Co deeds.
      Query, do you still have them and would you be interested in selling a couple? $?

      Philip Smith

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