Cereal Premiums

Quaker Oats introduced the idea of packaged premiums in 1891 by inserting chinaware items into boxes of oats.

Over the years many different premiums were given out to promote Quaker, starting with trade cards and puzzles in 1900 era, to cookie jars in 1997. The most popular premium in the 1950’s was Sgt Preston of the Yukon Promotion with free deeds for one square inch of land in the Yukon territory.

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  1. Cereal premiums also included 3 sets of trading cards. 1st set in 1949 was a set of 35 Challenge of the Yukon Dog Cards including one card with a picture of a Husky or Malamute entitled “Yukon King.” I would like to know if the dog in the picture was merely a random dog used for the photo or if it was possibly a dog officially designated by Quaker Oats to serve in a promotional capacity. (I have several of the Yukon King cards.) 2nd set of 36 in 1950 was called “Challenge of the Yukon” and contained action scenes of Preston and King as well as scenes of Yukon life. 3rd set was a reprint of the 1950 set with 1956 date and mention of TV show added onto back. I believe you could get cards from cereal boxes but that you could also send away for the complete set. I have complete 1950 and 1956 card sets as well as all 29 Dell comic books (well done comics) but have not seen a TV episode…yet.

  2. The TV show is very well made, Richard (Dick) Simmons epitomizes Sergeant Preston, and is the real McCoy. A bronco-buster who served as a fighter pilot and formerly danced with Esther Williams. he did all his own stunts, fights, dog mushing and horseback riding. It’s also a beautiful show to watch.
    Yukon King is also great to see, and a beautiful Husky. Both Simmons and the dog really appear to have some fun, and a good rapport. Fewer episodes include the horse, which was “Blackie” originally, and at some point changed to “Rex”.
    DVD’s are available on line.

  3. WOW, so wonderful to see this series again. Grew up with it, had my “1 inch deed” till lost it when our home was destroyed by a tornado in 1985, I am 73 yrs.old and watch 2 episodes every morning at 4 am. Thanks for the memories and wish they would do something like this again.

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